“Assistance in a time of need.”
Are you a victim of a crime or tragedy, or do you know someone who is suffering because they have been victimized?
Victims of crime and tragedy have a right to receive timely and appropriate services to help deal with grief, loss and trauma that results from any type of crime or tragic situation.
Our VCARS program is mandated to offer help to:
  • Lessen the impact of crime and trauma through support services
  • Increase a victim’s level of empowerment to help them move forward with their life
  • Increase victim/community safety and help prevent re-victimization
We have a range of services available to help:
  • Crisis Assistance: immediate short-term emotional support on-scene, by telephone, or at an alternate safe location
  • Practical Assistance: help as needed to make telephone calls, referral to VQRP for emergency financial help, transportation, and more
  • Information and Referral: help establishing connections with other agencies or provide brochures to enable a victim to make a direct connection
  • Accompaniment: to attend appointments/meetings at helping services, e.g. health, housing, police where other accompaniment service is not available
  • Community Outreach/Public Education: providing program information to police, the public, other professionals through speaking engagements and workshops
  • Community Liaison/Development: working with other service partners to coordinate services for victims
  • Recruitment and Training: for volunteers to be trained to provide direct services and to respond to the needs of victims
  • French Language Services: maintaining a list of Francophone and French language services in the area, and direction to appropriate FLS providers
Assistance is available for:
  • Abduction
  • Accommodation Crisis
  • Assault (domestic, physical and sexual)
  • Criminal Harassment (stalking)
  • Elder Abuse (crime-related)
  • Family Occurrences
  • Fire
  • Hate Crime
  • Homicide
  • Human Trafficking
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (crime-related)
  • Multi-Casualty Incidents
  • Property Crimes/Vandalism
  • Robbery/Break & Enter
  • Sudden Death
  • Suicide
  • Theft/Fraud